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What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Melisandre 6 Apr 2 min read

Protecting APIs From Advanced Security Risks

Melisandre 21 Oct 2 min read

Top 7 Reasons to Use ReactJS Development Framework

Melisandre 9 Sep 3 min read

How to Utilise Blockchain Technology for E-Commerce

Melisandre 7 Apr 5 min read

Pros and Cons of AngularJS: Is Angular Development a Good Fit for Your Enterprise?

Melisandre 30 Jan 2 min read

Why Hybrid Is An Ideal Platform For Launching Your First App

Mobile Applications
Melisandre 6 Apr 2 min read

What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Melisandre Sandra Paulson 6 Apr 2 min read 7 comments 12 favorites

Is cryptocurrency of particular interest to you? Are you eager to learn more about the tools that will enable you to achieve the best trades? So, you'd better clap your eyes on cryptocurrency trading bots. Sounds curious, right? In the era when bots seem to find application almost everywhere, it comes as no surprise that they have been implemented even in cryptocurrency trading. Let's find out more about these bots and clarify the key aspects.

Cryptocurrency (or crypto) trading bots are computer programs that allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at the right time. They aim to bring about profit to their users and ensure that they will be at an advantage in the long run. The bots carefully observe market conditions and execute trades basing on the preliminarily defined algorithms. It should also be stressed that you're free to set your own parameters, which will contribute to carrying out various trades. This kind of software is capable of responding almost a thousand times faster than a human - thus its operational efficiency is out of the question.

Crypto trading bots can be subdivided into many types. Among them you can find trend-following bots, arbitrage bots, and scalping bots. However, according to bitcoin.com, the most popular ones are arbitrage bots.

Trend bots come in handy if you mainly focus on trends once you're in the process of building your strategies. These bots are able to follow trends and decide when it's profitable to buy and/or sell something.

Scalping programs facilitate their users to perform more efficiently in sideways markets. This means that 'scalpers' (as these users are often referred to) manage to buy something at a low price and resell it at a higher bargain price.

As for arbitrage bots, they're meant to gain profits by means of examining prices across multiple exchanges and taking advantage of price discrepancies, consequently.

Once or if you've decided to try applying cryptocurrency trading bots in practice, then you should think over which one will be able to address your business needs. Mind that all bots have different requirements with regard to software and hardware. Consider all the aspects before making up your mind.

After all the formalities have been settled, you can get down to the installation procedure. As a matter of fact, you can obtain a trading bot resorting to any of the 3 options below:

  • Get it free of charge via an open-source platform;

  • Get a paid version of a licensed bot;

  • Create a trading bot (on condition that you possess enough technical knowledge and skills).

Having processed all the details above, you probably have formed an opinion about crypto trading bots. Still, let's recap all the advantages that they have over humans.

  • Speed: no doubt that bots operate a hundred times faster than humans

  • Stamina: bots can operate 24/7 without any breaks

  • Capacity: bots are able to process gigabytes of data per second

  • 100% objectivity: bots aren't prone to emotions of any kind. They simply do what they're required to.

However, many experts argue that some cases require subjective thinking and in this way, humans can outperform heartless bots. But these are individual cases and given that bots offer so many tremendous opportunities, you're bound to be better off once you give your priority to them.


Protecting APIs From Advanced Security Risks

Melisandre Leila Nastafi 21 Oct 2 min read 23 comments 253 favorites

An API means an Application Programming Interface which works as software intermediary for communicating among your apps. In turn, it enables sharing and extraction of data among apps in an effective accessible manner. Your web APIs here effectively establish connections between apps and platforms or services like games, social networks, devices, databases and some more. In IoT apps and devices, APIs serve well to gather data apart from being capable enough to control other connected devices too.

The APIs are in general developed as REST APIs and SOAP APIs. SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol APIs are XML based and helps as messaging protocol among computers for exchanging information. These APIs are developed basing up on WS Security standards using XML encryption, SAML token and XML Signature for dealing security for transactional messaging. It can support successfully W3C and OASIS recommendations too. Similarly, REST APIs or Representational State Transfer APIs are developed for remote computer systems using HTTP for obtaining data and to perform certain operations significantly. Here, these APIs enable secure communication using SSL authentication and HTTPS. JSON standards are used in these APIs for consuming payloads to simplify data transfer over the browsers. Here, REST is all about stateless and that means each HTTP request is made to contain all the necessary or needed information with no necessity for server or client to retain data for satisfying the request.

Security Threats to API

API is often said as self-document information. It means its internal structure and implementation can serve as a way for a cyber attack. If any additional vulnerability like lack of encryption, weak authentication, flaws in business logic and some of the insecure endpoints can result in cyberattacks too.
Cyber-attacks often can lead to a data breach which can, in turn, result in an organization's reputation loss yet keeping its relations at stake. Very often the data breach can attract the latest fines through the latest GPDR guidelines too. The APIs security deserves seeing it in two folds as data breach and operations disruptions. So, it is quite imperative to secure your API through its design. Very common phishing acts often happens through the end-user. This is making users invaluable allies in the attack detection process and its progress. So, often it is a remedial measure to recruit end-user input and these loops are not supposed to be hardcoded for handling a set of situations that are predetermined. Real-world examples should be examined for these end-user input loops.

Let us see in detail some of the vulnerabilities in API

• MITM or Man In The Middle: Very often MITM involves in obtaining sensitive data between two parties by secretly relaying altering communications by intercepting API messages between two. This MITM attacks often saw happening through two stages as decryption and interception. To secure against this MITM, it is suggested to have TLS or Transport Security Layer in the API. If your API is lacking this TLS is an open-handed invitation to attackers. So, enable this Transport Layer Encryption without fail to safeguard your API against MITM.
• API Injections: Inserting a malicious code into the API for staging attack is called as API Injection. These can be seen as XSS or Cross-Site Scripting and SQLI or SQL injection. Vulnerable APIs are often a great possibility for these kinds of attacks. If your API is failing to perform appropriate filter input or FIEO (escape output), then it is the best way one to launch the attack in the form of XSS through end user's browser. This attack can also add into the API some malicious commands like SQL commands to delete or add tables to the database forms. The most effective way to control this issue is proven well through input validation.
• DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service: This is a kind of attacker where the attacker pushes long or enormous messages to the server or the network with invalid return addresses. This kind of attack can result in a non-functioning situation. It deserves proper security precautions while designing the API. It is safe to enable multiple access control method to your API to mitigate well this issue. API keys may be enough when your API contains non-sensitive information. For the APIs with sensitive information are suggested using robust authentication mechanisms, HTTPS, OAuth, Two-way TLSSAML tokens and some more.
• Broken Authentication: These broken authentication cases can allow the attacker to take control or bypass the set authentication methods in the API. Also, this situation can attack over JSON web tokens, passwords, API keys, and some more too. To mitigate this issue, it is suggested taking care authentication and authorization requirements with OAuth/OpenID tokens, API key and PKI. Also, it is wiser and safe not to share credentials across connections that are not even encrusted. Also, never reveal the session ID over the web URL too.


Top 7 Reasons to Use ReactJS Development Framework

Melisandre Matthew Walters 9 Sep 3 min read 12 comments 45 favorites

Front-end development is constantly evolving owing to the technologies and programming languages.

Today, when there's a plethora of applications available Reactjs is one prominent name in the web app market. It is basically a JavaScript library that you can label as one of the best frameworks to develop web apps. It won a huge popularity thanks to Facebook who maintains it together with the developer community. Many leading companies such as Apple, PayPal, Netflix, Dropbox use ReactJS owing to its simplicity, consistency, and UI. If considering the stats, over 2,20,000 websites are built using React JS framework.

The framework got no chill!

It might be having a lot of benefits, don't you think so?

Well, it does and thus, in this article, we will talk about the top seven reasons to use React JS for your frontend development.

Let's begin!

  1. Easy to learn
ReactJS is much easier to learn when you compare it with other popular frontend frameworks like Angular & Vue. It's actually one of the main reasons React gained so much attraction in a very short time. Using it companies can provide react js development services and develop their projects quickly.

  1. Rich User Interface
Quality of user interface also plays an important role. A high quality UI app has better chances of gaining popularity. When it comes to ReactJS, it contains declarative components that help in building high-quality, rich user interfaces, reason why businesses using reactjs development services are always on the profit end.

  1. Custom Components
React comes with JSX, an optional syntax extension that allows you to write custom components for any react js development company, create high-volume applications, and turn HTML mockups into React Element trees.

These components essentially support HTML quoting, and also make all subcomponents a delightful developer experience for the web app you develop.

  1. Fast Rendering
When you start working on this project, it's better to pre-define the structure while developing a complex app as a react js development company. ReactJS uses a DOM model, a tree structure in which any changes made at higher level will not impact the user interface of the application. You can easily test each module and modify it without affecting another section.

  1. SEO- Friendly
When you compare it with other platforms, Reach JS helps in reducing the page load time of your web app. And eventually that helps you in getting high rankings on search engines.

  1. Developer Toolset
The developer toolset is to facilitate developers with technology learning and help them differentiate components, observe component hierarchies, ReactJS framework provides React dev tools and Chrome dev tools.

  1. Community Support
A huge number of individual React JS developers are contributing towards the ReactJS community and making it a fantastic frontend framework. Currently, ReactJS attained 136,079 stars on Github and 1,331 regular contributors. For any kind of support, you can post your queries here in the community and get help.

Apart from this, ReactJS has many benefits that makes it a huge success in the development market.

Infact, the latest version of React, i.e. React version 16.13.0 has come up with more advanced features such as concurrent mode, suspense, component stack in hydration warning, and many other minor updates, in order to provide developers with better performance. So, if you want to build a successful web app using React then you can contact us and hire react js developer..

Final Thoughts

Considering the benefits of ReactJS, we can sum up that the idea of this quality framework is to build large scale applications with timely data updation. Apart from this, there are other reasons to go for ReactJS development services - Virtual DOM, interactive UIs, JSX support, component-based structure and much more.

So what are you waiting for?

Hire ReactJS Developer today!


How to Utilise Blockchain Technology for E-Commerce

Melisandre Christian Belverde 7 Apr 5 min read 5 comments 5 favorites

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a decentralised digital public ledger for tracking economic transactions. It's designed to record not only financial transactions but everything that goes in it. The best feature of a Blockchain is that it allows to view user's holdings and the transactions that they have carried out over the system publicly.

Moreover, it also conceals the identity of a user via powerful cryptography. The decryption of the cryptographic code needs a long and challenging calculation, thereby, making it the safest way to transact money.

Challenges in the e-commerce Sector

Blockchain technology is transforming the ecommerce industry by decentralizing the control and cutting the existence of middleman from the landscape. But, before exploring the potential of Blockchain technology for e-commerce industry, let's dig into the current challenges that the e-commerce industry is facing.

  • High Costs- One of the major pain point of a seller in the traditional ecommerce business model is the involvement of a middleman, who takes away a good share of money on every purchase. The seller has to pay the transaction processing fee for completion of each transaction.
  • Uncertain Security- Protection of buyers' data is another key concern for these kind of businesses. The system needs to gain the trust of their customers and have to assure them that their personal and financial data is safe. The current state of the ecommerce industry fails to provide foolproof security to the users.
  • Time consuming- E-commerce model include an array of operations like supply chain, logistics, payment gateways etc. To manage all these operations e-commerce industry has to deal with this intermediates everyday. This consumes a lot of time to complete the whole process.
How Blockchain will Drive the e-commerce Industry in Future

Blockchain technology for e-commerce is a boom for not only the sellers but also for the buyers. Few of the challenges which can be addresses by introducing Blockchain in e-commerce industry are as follows:

  • Cost Reduction- With Blockchain, e-commerce industry can rely on the Blockchain technology for managing inventory, payment processing, product database and other business activities. This results in spending less on maintaining systems or hiring IT support teams to maintain them. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple etc. will cut-down the fees that third party institutions like banks charge during transactions.
  • Cyber Threats- Despite of using a secure transaction network, the e-commerce industry is always at a risk of losing their customers data and money due to unwanted cyber attacks. Blockchain technology is a perfect solution for resolving these challenges. It provides highest level of security by using distributed ledgers for managing the e-commerce database management systems.
  • Fast processing- Blockchain technology for e-commerce is removing the dependency of middleman, manpower and third party organizations from the e-commerce model. It saves a lot of time consumed in the overall process ranging from inventory managing, to order placing to delivering at users door step.

These challenges have been bothering the sellers since the beginning. Thus, integrating Blockchain Technology to e-commerce sector can definitely be a good idea for the whole system. Here comes the need of Blockchain technology for e-commerce industry which is capable of resolving all the challenges alone.

Many e-commerce companies have already started investing in Blockchain technology to run their business smoothly. The day is not far when Blockchain technology will penetrate the whole e-commerce industry.


Pros and Cons of AngularJS: Is Angular Development a Good Fit for Your Enterprise?

Melisandre Carol Freeman 6 Apr 2 min read 18 comments 125 favorites

There's a popular quote- 'Sometimes the unexpected things are the best'. The framework that we are going to discuss today suits best for this saying.

AngularJS Development was not the original plan of developers at Google. The original project was Get Angular and later became AngularJS. Long story short, it is now one of the renowned frameworks.

It is an open-source framework for building web applications. It mixes HTML codes and app modules to form a framework. Earlier its base was Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture which was mainly used for planning rich web applications. But after the introduction of the AngularJS 2, its features and advanced technology took the framework a step ahead.

Since its birth in 2005, AngularJS Development has been like a friend to AngularJS development services! Helping them make fast, robust, and SEO friendly stunning websites. And that is why it is the choice of popular websites like Netflix, Lego, The Guardian, PayPal, and many others.

Following are a few features of AngularJS that make it efficient:

? Two-way data binding

? MVC structure

? Directives

? Templates

? Dependency injections

? Testing

Apart from these above-mentioned features, there are a few reasons that make AngularJS the first choice for web development.

Let's find out what they are!

Pros of AngularJS Development

  • Declarative Code Style
In coding, it is a tedious task to write multiple codes for a single function. AngularJS has a declarative style which means you will have to write fewer codes. The declarative coding paradigm will enable the developer to write less code and therefore he can focus more on efficiency instead of hurrying to complete the development project.

  • Two Way Data Binding
Two-way data binding helps the web page to interact with the browser. This will reduce the loading time of the page and therefore when a visitor explores pages on your web application, it will refresh your pages instead ofloading them.

  • Great MVC
Luckily, AngularJS does not include a Model-View-Controller in an original way. This saves the AngularJS development company from the conventional way of splitting applications into MVC components and bringing it back together. Instead, it has a Model-View-View-Model design pattern which is one of the contemporary development processes.

  • Intuitive
AngularJS makes use of HTML as a declarative language. This makes it more intuitive which in turn makes user interaction easier.

  • Testability
AngularJS comes up with pre-built unit testing. This will help the developer to get the exact results of his coding. This results in a perfectly coded application that shall bring only success!

  • Improved Server Performance
Angular supports caching which reduces the burden from server CPUs. As the traffic on the server reduces, it can perform efficiently.

  • Comprehensive
Since AngularJS does not need any other plugins or frameworks, it makes it a comprehensive solution for front-end development.

  • It is Popular
With AngularJS web development Company you can develop hybrid apps. It has a wide range of functionalities, features, and benefits. This is why it is globally accepted and trending currently for developing web applications. Furthermore, Google made it and maintains it further. Hence, it is needless to explain the perks of it!

Cons of AngularJS Development

  • Inexperience with MVC

One of the biggest challenges using AngularJS is it is difficult for developers who are not familiar with MVC architecture. Those developers who work in the traditional way might find this new model difficult. It could, therefore, be time-consuming.

  • Difficult to Learn
Any new framework is tough to learn in the beginning. Same goes with AngularJS because it has little documentation available. In addition, certain difficult features like directives, dependency injections and factories can be challenging for novices.

  • Poor Scalability
Angular implementation offers poor scalability. It can be problematic over time as the project grows. As your business grows, you need to discard old implementations and create new versions.

Summing Up
As an entrepreneur may consider AngularJS as a suitable framework for web app development. But, your classical web development knowledge might create confusion when you use AngularJS. Features like dependency injection and firm make it all the more challenging for you. In such a case, either you will have to invest more time in learning or you may want to seek professional help.

Mobile Applications

Why Hybrid Is An Ideal Platform For Launching Your First App

Melisandre William Green 10 Juin 2 min read 2 comments 16 favorites

Nowadays there's a mobile app for everything such as ridesharing, dating, finance, gaming, seeking medical help, music and they can do nearly anything you can imagine. The massive influx of mobile applications has no doubt changed the world. They have become an inextricable part of our daily life and have changed the focus from what's on the Web, to the apps on our mobile device. Most of the operators now have music & video streaming apps with a rich content library.

Apps are here to stay for a long time. In short, they have become a thriving business segment. The mobile usage surpassed desktop, with the majority of all digital media time being spent on mobile apps. Low development costs and ease of publishing made mobile app development an attractive alternative to desktop apps for the businesses of all sizes. But the reality is, businesses that are launching apps have to make sure their apps could stand out the fierce competition. As the smartphone makers are continuously delivering devices with excellent features, app developers are also not lagging behind as they are creating apps for every need, want and occasion.

According to the experts of the mobile app developers, as the technology is rapidly changing, brands need to reshape their strategies before coming up with an exclusive app for their businesses. Once you intend to realize your mobile app idea, it's time to validate it and narrow down the platform on which you ideally would like to build your mobile application. Selecting a platform is perhaps the most important decision you need to make. It is not only a stepping stone but also the integral part of the success of your brand.

Switching to the Hybrid Platform-

Opting for the hybrid platform could prove to be a game-changing decision for launching your first app. Mobile development is always changing, and hybrid development is constantly improving as well, making it an increasingly popular option. Unlike a pure web app, a hybrid app can fully utilize all the features available in the smart device and can be downloaded from the app stores just like Native Apps. Hybrid mobile apps don't have that "mobile web" browser look because they can include native hardware features.

Take a look at the Combination of Technologies Utilized for Building Hybrid Mobile Apps-

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
The application development is faster, simpler, more rapid and the application is easier to maintain. Hybrid apps are also popular because

they give the flexibility of cross-platform development that helped a lot to curtail the entire development costs.

In terms of performance, ease of use, functionality and flexibility- hybrid is truly remarkable. The seamless, multi-device sync capability is the real reason behind the enormous acceptability of this platform. It is a fact that the emergence of hybrid revolutionized the whole app development arena and has a huge contribution in building top-notch apps with amazing features.

The real value of hybrid apps stems from the fact that by building only one app, you are able to reach the users of multiple device users such as Android, iOS and Windows. Only a portion of native code has to be re-written to make the app work on the different kinds of devices available. Business don't have to build separate apps for all supported mobile platforms and lets you extend DevOps to your mobile apps, too. For the end user, the experience of using the app seems quite fluid, with a lightning-fast loading time.

Even a few years ago, it was quite hard to find a solution of a problem that may arrive during development stage. But now things have changed rapidly as there is a huge and growing hybrid support community out there where developers around the world are ready to help you 24/7. In this fast-paced world, hybrid moves you faster from idea to app than native.


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